In every household, there are handfuls of coins stashed away in dresser drawers, coffee tins, and lock boxes. Why not bring your coins to the CCA’s professionals for full market assessment, and the opportunity to sell them at maximum value?

If you’ve ever imagined that the dusty set of old coins that have been sitting in your basement for decades could actually be worth some real money – you’ve come to right place! You may be about to uncover a buried treasure of coins, silver and gold, and one of the world’s most experienced team of appraisers is on their way to help!

Do you have a hidden gem right under your nose?
The Canadian Coin Association was developed to determine just that!

Made up of a team of trained professionals, The Canadian Coin Association travels across Canada giving the average person the opportunity to submit their coins, silver, gold, and various metals for evaluation and payment on site!

Whether you’re a coin enthusiast, a serious collector, or someone who just has some old coins lying around, our doors are open to you.

We represent an international pool of collectors that will often pay a fortune for specific coins in efforts of completing a collection they have been building on for years, or some cases, a lifetime!

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