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  • International Coins
    The Canadian Coin Association is also interested in gold coins from around the world. British Sovereigns, Krugerrand, Liberty Head gold coins, and the Panda gold coin are all examples of coins that could have significant value both; for their collectability and bullion. Canadian Maple Leafs and Canadian Gold Olympic Coins are also in high demand. 
  • Silver
    A silver dollar from 1948 can fetch anywhere up to $13,500 based on its condition. Collectors are eagerly looking for pre 1968 proof sets, coins with specific mint marks, coins from specific years and international gold coins, not to mention a 1921 Canadian fifty cent piece!
  • Common Coins
    Even common coins can have a significantly higher value than their currency due to their silver content. Silver dollars, fifty cent pieces, quarters, dimes, even nickels are garnering maximum value. With the silver market higher than it’s been in thirty years, it’s definitely the best time to turn old coins into a healthy pay day! Old tea sets, stamp collections from the Franklin Mint, and silver bars – The Canadian Coin Association is able to make offers for your scrap silver!  The Canadian Coin Association is also interested in all Canadian coins minted before 1968 and all American coins minted before 1965.
  • Rare Paper Currency
    Often, paper currency can have extremely high collectible value. Much like coins, there are certain features that contribute to the quality (grade) and rarity. Early 19th century paper currency can be of particular value, such as Dominion of Canada 1924 $5 Bills. 

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